Multi-Colour Cobble

 Size: 100x100x30

We’ve now introduced a matching cobble to our range of Limestone pavers. Much like the paver, the cobble has a cleft finish which adds slip resistance to the stone. To facilitate easier handling and fixing the cobble has been calibrated which reduces thickness variation.


The Limestone cobbles are hardwearing which allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. Easy care assists with the s longevity and beauty. A key difference between the paver and the cobble Is that the cobble went through an additional tumbling process. The tumbling induced a softened appearance through smoother corners and lighter colours. The applications of cobbles are nearly endless. One of the applications is using a cobble to replicate o pathways often seen in small towns creating an antique atmosphere. Cobbles can also be used for driveways creating a detailed and intricate appearance moving away from modern paving options. However, cobbles can also be used in small backyard projects such as a border around existing paving or even garden edging.

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